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Beach Report

June 2, 2011

Well, I think my family all enjoyed the trip to the Gulf Coast in spite of me.  It was hard for me to accept that not everyone wanted to spend the day in the sun due to the extreme heat (102 today according to the thermostat in the car).  In fact, the only person who did was Charlie.  His words upon seeing the ocean for the first time: “It’s gorgeous!”  And he loved splashing around by himself in the kiddy pool, pausing from time to time to ask, “Who’s having fun?”  He and I would raise our hands, and he’d goes back to splashing himself in the face.  He entered the “big pool” with much trepidation and only after donning every piece of flotation equipment he could find:

I must applaud Elisabeth and Dan for giving it a fighting try each morning (not that I gave them much of a choice, determined as I was for them to experience the beach I love). I should’ve known it wouldn’t be Elisabeth’s forte.  Even when it isn’t hot, Elisabeth usually asks if she can stay inside and read books on the couch when I take Charlie and Miss P outside to play. She betrayed her lack of pool experience by asking, after watching a number of children swimming in life jackets, if she too could wear a “dust jacket”.   Dan siezed any opportunity to evade my fun clutches such as offering to take Miss P back to the house for her morning nap.  It never took Elisabeth long, however, to realize he was gone and she’d been left outside with me.  She’d immediately start begging to go into the house with Daddy.  I hold her off as long as I can with snacks, but eventually give in and take her inside where she and Dan run with relief into each others arms and cozy up in a chair with a picture book.

I am so grateful we had extended family to take turns with Miss P, determined as she was to perfect her running swan dive into the pool.  I thought that letting her fall in and go under would cure this impulse, but alas, it only fueled her drive to dive.


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  1. Mary Olson permalink
    June 2, 2011 6:30 pm

    All is so precious covered in salt and sand in the sun 🙂

    Grandma wilts when the temps rise above 80, and thrives at 70 –I am sitting in the Amery House reading while men are scrambling all over the roof trying to button up the new shingles before it rains (as it seems to do EVERY day this spring).

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