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Kitchen Drawer

May 10, 2011

Many things have been revealed as I pack up our house in preparation for the fast approaching moving day.  Many things were revealed in my silverware drawer alone.  Including:
two silly straws
a thermometer
needle nose pliers
three outlet adapters
one beater
two can openers
four skewers
one cork screw
two bottles of purel
a zester!
a rubberband
a comb
a pacifier
a roll of tape
a roll of metal wire
a barrette
a coffee scoop
measuring spoons
a puzzle piece
a frog for flowers
a pan scraper
an outlet cover
a sippy cup plug
and all my flatware

There are only two possibilities: either I am building a bomb, or I am SEVERELY DISORGANIZED. I think going public with my problem will give me some layer of accountability to get better.  And so, my project, “Let’s Get Organized” begins in the kitchen…in the silverware drawer to be more specific.  Organizing a silverware drawer may seem obvious to some, but it isn’t to me, so I called in reinforcements. Kettie Benson: queen of all things organized says this:

Dear Lucy,

Thank you so much for your organizing question regarding your kitchen utensil drawer. May I first say that it does in fact look as if one could create a real bomb with the contents of the drawer. Secondly, I think that kitchen drawers in general do very often become the “dumping ground” for many other things other than what their main purpose is.
When thinking about your utensil drawer, try to keep these things in mind:

1.) For the most part, ONLY have utensils in the drawer (may be obvious, but not always followed). 
2.) Don’t have a lot of extra space in the drawer that you may be tempted to fill with other things.
3.) If you have kids, go through and get rid of extra kids forks and spoons. We really don’t need too many considering we run the dishwasher all the time!

And now on to the drawer with all of your mixing spoons, etc. Think about and DO these simple steps:

1.) Take out every piece that you own in this drawer and lay them all out (isn’t it
amazing how many you have)?
2.) Ask yourself these questions:
     a.) Do have have more than one of these? (If yes, you should most likely get rid of them).
     b.) Do I use this on a REGULAR basis? (If not, get rid of it, OR try to find another place to store it so that it can de clutter your drawer).

*NOTE* Just a side note on the mixing spoon drawer: We recently moved to a new house. I ended up packing up about 90% of this drawer a month before we moved. I didn’t miss anything that I packed up. This clearly showed me that I had much more than I needed!!
If you are one that has a hard time parting with things in these 2 drawers and find yourself saying, “But I’m SURE I’ll need this SOMEDAY…”, I have an challenge for you:

-Take out all of the things that you think you should get rid of but can’t seem to let go. Put them in a bag and store them somewhere (like a basement or attic). Give yourself 3 months. If you don’t miss them after that time, get rid of them. I promise, you’ll never remember they were there to start and you will be loving your sparse and de cluttered drawers!!
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  1. Mary Olson permalink
    May 10, 2011 11:05 am

    In defense of you and THE DRAWER: your present kitchen has only the one drawer on the busy counter near the doorways and the sink. You do amazingly well at keeping it from becoming jam-packed with stuff. You will be delighted in your new home to have more room.

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