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Not for the faint of heart

May 2, 2011

My children love to talk about their poo-poos.  If you don’t like potty talk, then read no more.  If you read this, and at some point start to feel dizzy, or like you might faint, just cover your eyes with your hands and run screaming to the farthest corner of the house as Elisabeth often does when we turn on the t.v.  I write this in faith that someday I will read it and will pause and appreciate that I no longer have close contact with poo-poos.  Or perhaps I will miss the little people carrying steaming bowls of poo around the house.  I appreciate that they almost always dump their own little potty.  If they don’t, and for some reason forget to inform me, I am inevitably stopped in my tracks by the unmistakable smell of poop-out-of-water.

In addition to analyzing their poops, the twins enjoy discussing just who exactly is a part of our family.  Imagine their delight when their two great loves come together and a likeness  of one our family members is sighted in the poops.  We had one of these great moments recently.  Elisabeth was having a particularly difficult evening involving several falls.  I was trying to get the twins into bed and in desparation lifted Charlie onto the potty, eating a big banana, and told him just to stay put while I put Elisabeth to bed.  I was wrestling her into her pajamas.  She was sobbing.  I happened to glance into the bathroom.  Charlie waved me in.  “Hey mom!  Mom!  You’ve got to see this, mom.  Look: (he points down into the potty on which he sits) Mom, Dad, Charlie, Elisabeth, and Mary P!”  He is thrilled.  I return to Elisabeth, get her into the crib, walk back by the bathroom door.  Charlie, staring down, exclaims: “Uncle Carl’s in there too!”

I thought long and hard and decided not to attach a photo.

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  1. Brenda permalink
    May 2, 2011 1:37 pm

    This is one time, I don’t mind being left out. Maybe the Childs family will show up en mass on another occasion. 🙂

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