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A thorny question

April 27, 2011

We were singing our blessing before supper last night, “He invites his chosen people, come and dine….”  After the Amen, Elisabeth exclaimed, “We are God’s chosen people.” Charlie was seated by the window, keeping watch over our next door neighbors playing in their backyard, seven Somali children in traditional dress including the hijab.

“Are they God’s chosen people too?”questioned Charlie.

Dan responded.  Putting his love of historical theology to good use, he said:  “We don’t know, Charlie.”

I, in turn, put my love of the zoo to good use, responding to another thorny question at 2 a.m. when Charlie woke us, screaming.

Charlie (Sobbing): “Something pecked my foot. Aaaaah! Do flamingos peck?”

Me: “Oh, no they don’t peck.”

Charlie: “Then what do they do?”

Me: “They just stand around quietly, looking pink.”

To my surprise, he smiled and went back to sleep, relieved that whatever was pecking his foot could not possibly have been (God forbid!) a stray flamingo.

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