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A word about this one.

April 23, 2011

She sets an example for the whole family of gratitude in all things.  Today she was beside herself with thankfulness when I let her stir the soup (above photo). Our lunchtime conversation went something like this:

Elisabeth: “Oh, mommy, thank you for letting me stir the soup. And thank you for putting the tomatoes in.  And thank you for cooking this good lunch for us.”

Me: “Well, we cooked it together.”

Elisabeth: “Oh, yes, thank you for cooking together with me.” She breaks into song, “The more we get together, together, together…”

This gratitude extends to almost every situation almost every day.  For example:

Elisabeth: “Oh thank you mommy for getting me out of my carseat.  Thank you for not leaving me in the car. I like to go places with you!”

Even: “Thank you mommy for wiping my bottom. I’m so glad you wiped my bottom.  Thank you SO MUCH!”

This one on the other hand:

Spent much of the morning with this treasure, discarded in the trashcan by Dan who was fixing our laundry sink.

Charlie: “Hey, hey, can I get up on the kitchen table so I can tool the ceiling fan?”

In addition to tooling things with it, he alternately blew into it:

“Hey, hey, do you want to hear me play my French Horn?”

And generously offered the end of it to anyone who might want to put their mouth on an old piece of our sink.

When not playing this French Horn he enjoyed coming up behind people and wielding it menacingly overhead.

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