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First Day of School

April 20, 2011

7:30 a.m. found us all buckled up and on our way to our first day at Hand in Hand Montessori.  I was off to work and the children off to class.  You can see the enthusiasm on their faces!  Actually they were quite contrary which I attributed to nerves.  As I have mentioned before, they prefer to stay with their mom and dad at all times and do not like this sort of thing.  I did not have high hopes for their performance as students, but much to my surprise they were just fine!  The transition was helped a little I think by the role playing we did last night. The cast was as follows:

Teacher: Lucy

Mom: Dan

The Children: the children.

Act I: Mom says goodbye.

Act II: The class goes to music.

Act III: The class eats lunch.

Act IV: Mom returns.

This suspenseful plot (a real nail biter) was a huge hit.

The children always love “skits”.   These sorts of skits have been a sort of silver bullet for us as we’ve struggled to respond to various (mis)behaviors that creep in.  It helps us to have a way to practice good behavior rather than waiting for them to mess up to address areas that need improvement.   We’ve been doing skits since before the twins could really talk and now that they can they love to take the lead roles.  Especially if the lead role involves spanking one of the other children.

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  1. Esther permalink
    April 21, 2011 4:08 am

    Lucy, I have been a lurker but I wanted to say that I love your blog. My husband went to Wheaton with your husband and saw a link to your blog on FB or something. Just wanted to say that your children are adorable and I find your posts so relatable… almost like I could have written some of them myself! I find it nice to be able to laugh along to some of your mothering stories. Thanks for being so candid!

    Esther Kary (James Kary’s wife!)

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