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The Dangers of Fast Food

April 1, 2011

Lunchtime found us at Chik-Fil-A for the third time this week. My Peppers are no strangers to fast food. One of the side-effects of having our house on the market has been our increasingly intimate relationship with the staff at the drive-thru window of McDonald’s. Dan’s job is to drive through McDonald’s and then drive around and around our neighborhood while the children eat frenchfries and I dash around our house like a cleaning lady on steroids. We always wait until the last possible moment to begin this routine so that I get the maximum adrenalin rush I can to assist in such tasks lifting a car with my bare hands, hiding every toy in the house, or, most daunting of all, dealing with all of our cords and chargers (what are all those chargers for anyway?). When the house looks like no one has ever lived there, I call Dan and he drives by slowly (you can’t stop or someone will start crying) and I dive through the car window. All of this to say, we eat a LOT of fast food these days. And fast food has it’s hidden dangers. Last time I dove into the car, I was greeted with much crying in the back seat and Dan’s explanation, “Elisabeth needs your help, she says there’s a frenchfry in her bottom.”

To avoid this sort of hazard all together, it is much safer to stick with vegetarian entrees. Which brings me to our second recipe from Sarah, author of  our column, “Eat Your Veggies”. See the below post, for an introduction to Wheatberries.  And proof of children, CHILDREN, eating wheatberries.  I have never met a wheatberry, but would like to. Now that I know what they are.

In the below photo, Miss P (who can boast that she has eaten her share of french fries this month without even one getting stuck anywhere near her ample bottom) demonstrates how to enjoy a healthy snack such as blueberries while standing on your kitchen counter.

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