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Emergency Preparedness

March 28, 2011

Today Betsy invited us to her house for a lovely tea.  We went in installments.  Miss P and I stopped by while the twins napped.  Betsy had a little plate of madelines which she intended to offer Susanna and Aunt Sally who were on their way over.  The plate was covered with tin foil and I slipped one out.  Delicious!  I slipped two more.  Imagine my dismay when I grabbed the plate to offer the little tea cakes to our guests, only to uncover the plate and see one lonely madeline.  Most embarrassing.  That wasn’t the end.

As many organized people do, Susanna carries a very large diaper bag at all time.  I asked her about it and she said, “I would feel terrible if David needed a Kleenex or Tylenol and I didn’t have it!”  (Please don’t anybody tell Dan some husbands live like this). One of my many shortcomings is my lack of emergency preparedness.  It’s really just a lack of preparedness at all.  I rarely carry a diaper bag.  Sometimes I stuff a diaper in the big pocket of my coat but mostly I just hope for the best.  Once I cornered a stranger in public and stealthily whispered that I needed a diaper and wipes because my baby had a blow-out and I didn’t want my in-laws, who were with us, to know that I had (again) forgotten a diaper bag.  This kind stranger nodded, returned to her own bag, and then casually walked past me slipping  the diaper and wipes.  We were as smooth as spies.

While in Birmingham, I have been carrying around the tote bag I took on the plane so people here will think I am like the other mothers.   I just couldn’t believe it when Susanna disappeared into her Mary Poppins size diaper bag only to reappear and declare, “I can’t believe I didn’t bring a diaper.”  I proudly passed her my own fully loaded bag, feeling magnanimous and for once prepared.  She removed a diaper only to have to ask, “Is this even clean?  Ooo, no it’s a wet one!” And yes it was.  An old moldy.

We deposited Miss P with Papaw and brought the twins over after their nap.  They greatly enjoyed their tea and gummy bears (below).

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  1. March 28, 2011 6:25 pm

    Lucy! I have a Mary Poppins bag! But it’s stuffed full of toys, and rarely do I find diapers. And I’ve found a few moldy ones in there too. I should probably go with sticking a diaper in the coat pocket like you to be more practical. I LOVE how you hit up a stranger for a diaper and wipies! Enjoy your time in Bham! 🙂

  2. Erica permalink
    March 31, 2011 11:37 am

    How lovely!! Painted fingers and everything!

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