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Both of Me

March 19, 2011

Pre-nap today, I was rocking the twins on my laps (their name for my legs).  I was singing to them, they were passing gas, and I was just thinking how sweet it is to have a little couple.  Elisabeth calls Charlie, “Charlie, honey,” and gets down on the floor to pull his boots off for him when we come in from the snow.  Charlie holds Elisabeth’s hand when we walk somewhere and says, “Don’t worry Elisabeth, I won’t let you get lost.” and “I’ve got Elisabeth, mom.” Often when helping each other they spontaneously burst into a rendition of, “The more we get together.”  Last week when I picked them up from their Sunday School Class, their teacher said, “Well, they’ve been hugging for about twenty-minutes.”

There are downsides to all of this togetherness.  Like any couple, they have their spats.  They have an intense aversion to being alone.  And they have a little case of pronoun confusion.  Charlie refers to himself and Elisabeth as: “Both of me.”  As in, “Oh, is that for both of me.”

Yesterday the twins were playing on the porch and Patience toddled out to join them.

Charlie: “Hey we are all together.”

As she left the porch, Charlie observed: “There goes one of us.  Now we are just two.”

And as she headed back out to the porch: “Here come us!”

I let Charlie and Elisabeth try their hand at photography yesterday.  Reluctant to ever smile for me, they were eager to do so for each other.  See their work below:

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  1. Mary Olson permalink
    March 19, 2011 6:23 pm

    “Both of Us” are chuckling to near tears. We are in Angouleme, Fr. awaiting the after dinner arrival of Dick and Janet. This B&B is in a very old and cleverly restored, two story barn built of stone with wood timbered ceilings (and electric and running water). M & P

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