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Television Neighbors

March 17, 2011

Below: the Twins enjoy the highs and lows of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood

The twins have an approach/avoidance thing with the t.v.  It all started about a year ago when they saw a clip of Smokey Robinson singing with the muppets on a Sesame Street DVD.  I have never heard such screams of terror.  Then, in a cruel twist of fate, they saw the same clip the next weekend on Aunt Kristine’s computer.  They have never recovered from the sighting of those “fraggles”.  Ever since, anything frightening has been called a Fraggle.  (Just as, until recently, every man with a beard was “Baby Jesus”….Elisabeth in the front yard: “Look, mom, baby Jesus pushing a lawn mower.”  Charlie at the farmer’s market: “Hey, that’s Baby Jesus cooking hot dogs!”)   We have slowly worked a little t.v. back into the schedule by introducing a gentle friend, Fred Rogers, to their day.  Each afternoon, while I cook supper, they enjoy a little time with our television neighbor, Mr. Rogers. It is very hard to be scared of Mr. Rogers. Audrey Duck, from the neighborhood of make-believe is another story.  They (understandably) refuse to watch any episodes involving this suspicious duck. The only scary episode of Mr. Rogers is entitled, “Brave and Strong” in which Daniel Striped Tiger faces his fear of CEREAL.  I’m grateful that the writers of this episode picked something that I can’t imagine any child could possibly have nightmares about: cereal.

In addition to Mr. Rogers, there is only one other star of screen we can truly call, friend, Buddy Elf.  Last Christmas, at Nini and Papaw’s the twins enjoyed watching the first 30 minutes of Elf each night before bed. Unlike Mr. Rogers, the first 30 minutes of Elf are fun for the whole family. And we have learned a lot from this brave elf:

1. Don’t eat the yellow snow.

2. Don’t chew gum that you find on the ground.

3. Look both ways before crossing the street.

We talk about this last one a lot.  The lesson was really driven home yesterday when we saw a woman walking in the parking lot of the grocery story suddenly struck by a car backing out of a parking space.  Fortunately, she was unharmed, and she apologized profusely to the driver of the car (???). We were reliving the moment as I buckled the children into their carseats.

Me: “She didn’t look both ways before she stepped into the street and that’s why she got hit by the car.”

Charlie: “Just like Buddy Elf!”

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  1. March 17, 2011 9:12 pm

    love those intent little faces—Phil is “purring away,” and I hope to do the same, all night?
    We had such a good meal tonight we made reservations at the same restaurant for tomorrow night–I love the French voices surrounding us wherever we go.

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