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March 16, 2011

24 hours in brief:

24 hours ago: I realized my supper bubbling happily in the crockpot would not be ready until 9:30 p.m.( due to human error).

21 hours ago: Family heads to Don Pablos for Bottomless Bowls of Chicken Chilli for the parents and a lot of free chips for the peppers. I did manage to get Elisabeth dressed for the occasion but ran out of steam which only called more attention to two wearing footie pajamas.  (My strategy is that if all three are wearing footie pajamas people will think they’ve been freshly bathed and are all ready to snuggle into bed after the family grabs a quick bite to eat.) #1 ate under the table, #2 ran circles around the table, #3 cried the whole time.  Dan and I just tried to focus on eating a lot of chilli (since we paid for it) and not making eye contact with anyone else in the restaurant.

20 hours ago: Family stops by Dicks sporting goods with a gift certificate for new running shoes for the parents. We were greeted by an enthusiastic clerk exclaiming: “Oh, man, did you guys just come from Don Pablos?  I would never wear my winter coat to Don Pablos.” Either we really did smell like Don Pablos or he was just trying to sell us a new coat. Dan and I try on shoes.  The children race around wildly wearing man-size running shoes. Charlie’s comment: “We haven’t seen a store this big in years!”

19 hours ago: Family drives home.  Dan makes mistake of clearing his throat loudly.  The children are understandably intrigued.  Charlie asks: “Why did you do that dad?”  Dan replies, “I just had a little phlem in my throat.” For the next 15 minutes Charlie hacks loudly in the back seat announcing each time: “I just had a little lamb in my throat.”

18 hours ago: I freeze the meal which is no longer appealing to me. (Is any meal appetizing when you’ve been looking at it for 9.5 hours?)

Night falls: Some of us sleep better than others.

5 hours ago: Dan leaves me alone with these clowns!  An event that never fails to produce shock and dismay (primarily in me).

3 hours ago: I run errands.  I hear people talk about running errands.  I imagined when I was no longer working I would spend much time running errands myself.  In truth, I have only attempted errands once or twice.  My aversion to errands is in part due to my fear of people falling asleep in the car.  Elisabeth has picked up on this fear.  She periodically announces: “Miss P is fast awake, mom.” Errands included: grocery store, camera store (to look at a lense for my camera that Patience has been coveting for her Birthday next week) and lunch. Errands were successful.  As Susan would say, “I feel like a real person.”

1 hour ago: Naptime.

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  1. March 17, 2011 12:43 am

    fun to have a good read while jet-lagged into wakefulness in Paris at 1:40 a.m.

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