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Hero – Part III

March 14, 2011

As much as the twins love talking about Jesus, His whereabouts are still somewhat unclear.  Last night Charlie and Elisabeth were watching a DVD on the bed.  Charlie climbed down saying:

Charlie: “I’m gonna go eat supper now, Elisabeth.”

Elisabeth: “No, Charlie.  Don’t leave because then I will be alone!”

Charlie: “You’re not alone, Elisabeth, Jesus is with you.”

He then shouted into the dining room: “Hey Mom, is Jesus in here with Elisabeth?”

Then tonight I had to run downstairs and told the children I’d be right back.  Charlie stood, forlorn, at the top of the stairs calling to me: “Is Jesus up here with us?”

Since he seems to want me to take a quick peek around to locate Jesus, it occurs to me that he might think he’s the only one who can’t see Jesus with his eyes.  Or maybe he thinks that you have to be a grown-up to see Him. It’s not easy to understand the Immortal, Invisible when you are just 2.  Or when you are 31 for that matter.

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