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The Art of Conversation

March 7, 2011

Charlie is working on his social skills. Perhaps you, too would like some helpful tips on the art of conversation.

Just this week Charlie had a friend over.  His guest was little younger and not quite as talkative as he is.  While sitting at lunch, I was proud to see Charlie make a valiant effort at  conversation with his young guest.

Charlie: “Zachary, I’m wearing my jammies today.”

Zachary: Silence. Staring.

At this point, Charlie  tries a get-to-know-you question: “Zachary, do you have children?”

If the get to know you question doesn’t work, you might try a compliment.  This morning Charlie paid me a nice compliment:

Charlie: “I just love to smell you, mom.”

Next time you find yourself at a loss for words, try a compliment such as: I like your new haircut, or I just love to smell you. 

Kettie’s two year old, Lily, excels at “The compliment.” This week she took it a step further, returning a compliment for a compliment.

Kettie: “Lily you have very nice manners.”

Lily: “Thank you Mommy.  You speak very good English.”

Try to show interest in others, as Charlie did yesterday on the way to church, calling out from his carseat to me in the front:

“Are you okay back there, Mom?”

It’s very important to know how to end a conversations.  When talking on the phone, if he grew bored, Charlie used to just start pushing buttons.  While I suppose this does get the point across, it’s much better to just say goodbye.  This week he was talking to his Ni-ni.  After hanging up he asked me:

Charlie: “Why does Ni-ni always say Baa, Baa?”

Me: “She doesn’t mean to say, Baa (like a sheep).  Ni-ni lives in Alabama, and that’s just how she says Bye-Bye.”

Charlie has ended every phone call since with a cheerful: “Baa, Baa!”

Below, a picture of Charlie with an instrument he built out of Legos.  You play it under your chin like a violin, but it has buttons to push and the music blows out like a trumpet.  You’ve just got to get one of these.

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  1. Terra permalink
    March 7, 2011 5:00 pm

    Lucy, I’m glad you write a blog. With such good English.

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