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That’s my baby!

March 4, 2011

I’m now dealing with a number of accusations that I favor the twins on this blog.  So in an effort to even the score, I’d like to recount some of the funny things Mary Patience has said lately:

Miss P: “Nye-nye.”

Well, that’s pretty much all she says. But she does kind of wave her arm up and down (limply) like she’s trying to wave at something off to the side when she says it.

She doesn’t have to say anything, though, to be cute.  Everything about her is breathtaking!  Last night the twins and Mary P were enjoying a brief period of nudity before their evening bath.  The twins were backing up and then running through the living room with open arms to give us hugs.  Miss P was laughing along with them.  Then she raised her arm up beside her right ear and staggered around in circles shouting at the top of her lungs. Afterwards Dan told me he was worried she was having some kind of a little baby stroke.  It took us a minute to realize that she thought she was running towards us with outstretched arms (just like the big kids).  I scooped her into a hug and  she felt so tiny and downy and chubby.  I felt a rush of endorphins I haven’t felt since she smiled for the first time. Just thinking about it now makes me dizzy. Don’t worry Miss P.  You are not forgotten!

(below: she enjoyed a special baking soda bath tonight…supposed to help with diaper rash)

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