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Killing time

March 1, 2011

We had to be out of our house today for an open house and couldn’t come back until 1:00.  I tried a new approach.  Get the whole house clean before the children woke up and then evacuate them before they have a chance to go tearing around. This strategy however results in a long day of driving around.  We started with breakfast at our neighbor Kendra’s house at 7:30.  Her two year old was still asleep.  Upon waking to find us in his house he exclaimed, “Oh I like Charlie and Elisabeth!” 

From there we headed to the Children’s museum. We arrived at 9:30.  After at least three hours I looked at my watch: ONLY 10:30.  Luckily, the children got very absorbed playing with the bubble wands and this killed a big chunk of time.  At one point Elisabeth turned and slapped Charlie in the face with a handful of bubbles which he thought was HILARIOUS.  The woman standing next to me gasped and said to me, “Well, neither of them are mine!” 

“Actually, they are both mine.” I said.

“Oh,” she tried to recover, “It’s okay then because they are siblings.”

I’m kind of surprised she didn’t know they were siblings since they were the only children in the entire museum in their pajamas.

She then looked down at my three and said, “So, you have two sets of twins?”

“Um, no.  Just one set of twins and one baby. I think you are looking at that one twice.” ( Elisabeth was racing around with her bubble wand at a very high speed.)

In addition to being one of the only children in pajamas, Elisabeth was the only child seen riding like a little queen up on the sunroof of the double stroller.  She was also the only child lapping water from the water tables like a dog.  I could’ve stopped her, but I actually had the thought, “Great.  Now I won’t have to buy her a drink at McDonalds.”

The whole day went surprisingly well.  The hardest part was keeping the twins awake on the way home.  (Miss P was a lost cause).  When all else failed, I had to use the last resort, a little fresh air.  Nothing like opening the windows on the highway for a little blast of 30 degree air to enliven the senses.  They are sleeping sweetly now, in their beds. 

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  1. Emily Baker permalink
    March 1, 2011 10:16 pm

    Hi Lucy! Your dad introduced us to the blog:) Oh how I’m going to enjoy keeping up with your littles….maybe someday I’ll start one too…..but I think I’m more like Betsy:) Have a great day!

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