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Twins switched at Birth

February 19, 2011

So I was sitting by another mom at an open gym this week and, trying to be friendly, asked her:

Me: “What’s your daughter’s name.”

Her: “Aurora, she named herself.”

Me: “Oh.”

Her: (clearly wanting to tell the whole marvelous story). “Yes, she named herself when she was in utero.  I visited a hypnotist and my spirit connected with her spirit and I asked her, “What is your name.” And she said, “Aurora”.”

My friend Lisa on my other side whispered, “Of course her name’s Aurora.”

I would love to meet the child who, while still in the womb, whispered, “My name is Janet. Or Ruth. Or maybe Ann.”

I didn’t know we were supposed to let the children name themselves, but curious I asked them.

Me: “Charlie, if you could pick your own name what would it be?”

Charlie: (without hesitation) “Elisabeth.”

OH NO.  Did I mix up their names?

So I asked Elisabeth.

Me: “Elisabeth, if you could pick your own name, what would your name be?”

Elisabeth: “Graham.”

I’m just going to chose not to read into this.

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  1. Papaw permalink
    February 19, 2011 7:36 pm

    I’ve always wanted to be Eddie Bauer.

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