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About our Car

February 18, 2011

We really really love our car.  It has many features your car doesn’t.

1. The handle.  So named because Elisabeth, upon seeing a large strip of insulation  divorced  from the edge of our sunroof and  standing tall (like a rainbow) on the top of our car asked, “Mama why does our car have a handle?” What good is the handle, you may ask.  ENTERTAINMENT.  If we hit approximately 45 mph, our handle knocks repeatedly on the sunroof, prompting me to say: “No, you cannot come into our car.”  The twins scream with laughter.  This is the funniest thing they’ve ever heard.  Every time.  I swear, the joke never gets old.  Here is the handle:

2. The piano.  This piece of the car was formerly attached to the door.  Charlie  removed it a few months ago. Now it can sit on your lap. “Hey look, a piano!”  Some children argue about who gets to sit up front.  Ours argue about who gets to play the piano. See the piano:

3.  Our car can take a hit.  On the way back from the mall yesterday Elisabeth grew panicky with a sudden need to throw away her juice box.

Me: “You can throw it away in the trashcan by the garage.”

Her: “Which one?” (increasing panic)

Me: “You know the one in the driveway. By the alley.”

Her: “I don’t know which trashcan.” (starting to cry)

Me: “You know the one I hit everyday when I back out.”

Her: “Oh, okay.” (Calm now).

A word of praise for Dan: he is  not one to make waste out of my haste.  As I careened into the driveway today I hit the trashcan with unusual force (even for me), shattering the plastic back of the side mirror.  Dan painstakingly picked up every. little. piece.  We thought he had them all but as we were pulling out with the kids he slammed on the brakes, jumped out, dropped to his knees, and recovered a miniscule piece HE ALMOST MISSED.  Thanks to super glue and tape you can’t even tell I am regularly in an accident. 

Charlie, seen below, has also been experiencing trouble with his vehicle. 

And while Charlie was digging his truck out of the snow, Miss P discovered sidewalk chalk!

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  1. February 20, 2011 2:53 am

    Lucy, you are such a heartfelt and hilarious writer! Thank you for sharing your stories! This car post is my favorite! I think because it’s just so precious how the same joke is ALWAYS funny!

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