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Nudy Patoody

February 15, 2011


The twins have a habit of appearing on the scene naked.  They always have a perfectly good reason.  Most often:  “We were just doing our excercises.” 

 So, we’ve had to have some conversations about modesty of late, and I’ve had to answer some pretty tough questions. Today for example:

Charlie:  “We don’t want our friends to see my bottom.”

Me (thinking we’re making progress): “No we don’t.”

Charlie: “But it’s okay for mama and daddy to see my bottom.”

Me: “Yes it is.”

Charlie: “And it’s okay for the doctor to see my bottom if I have a diaper rash.”

Me:  “That’s right.”

Charlie: “But is it okay for the lamp to see my bottom?”


Or Elisabeth, watching me put on my jeans this morning: “You are wearing those, because you don’t want everybody to see your legs… But it’s okay if they see a little bit of your belly button.”

See, this is what they do.  They lure you into thinking you’re having a conversation with a normal person and then BAM! They hit you with something strange.  You respond in kind, and suddenly they are running around the house nudy again because “You said it was okay for the lamps to see my bottom”.  (and a little bit of belly button).

I will leave you with a picture of the only pepper you would want to see still sporting the birthday suit.

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