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The Germans Won

February 9, 2011

The high today was 3 degrees, so we bundled up and headed with our friends to the ‘Soo’ (Charlie for “zoo”).  “The zoo?” you say.  Ah, but, you see, this is Minnesota where the animals enjoy the luxury of indoor accommodations most of the year.  I should’ve turned back when I saw that fifteen school buses had beaten us to the parking lot, and the Soo wasn’t even open yet.

But no, I ran with a stroller full of screaming children through the biting wind.

 It was worse than I thought.  The first annual German Day at the Minnesota Zoo.  The German Magnet schools (???) had set up exhibits from one end of the tropics trail to the other.  Every high school in the western suburbs had apparently turned out to see girls in sexy animal costumes beckon us to “See tze Lemur!”  “See tze Tapir!”  It was one zoo-wide flirtation (worse even than the Mall of America on a Friday night).  We barreled through fearlessly in our tank/stroller.  I knew it was bad when Charlie fell down, crying, “I want to get in my bed and listen to ‘Late Last Night ‘.”  The day was saved, however, when we discovered a German accordianist wearing what could only be called “breeches”, who (thank God) knew how to play “I’ve been Workin’ on the Railroad”.  He regaled us with song after song as we huddled together eating peanut butter and jelly.  The big disappointment came when the children discovered that he did not know “The B-I-B-L-E.” 

Judging from the six bodies strewn throughout our house, (see photo) I’d say the German’s won.

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