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Facing the Giants

February 7, 2011

Charlie faced two of his personal fearsthis weekend and he has conquered.

Giant #1:  The long feared vacuum cleaner.  Gone are the days when all I had to do to keep little hands at bay was place the vacuum cleaner nearby…a scarecrow of sorts.  Charlie spent hours this weekend vaccuming every nook and cranny of our house.  Charlie’s strategy involved turning the vacuum off, examining the area to be vacuumed and exclaiming, “Oh this is bad, this is real bad.” Then he gets down to business (see photo).

#2  The other giant in our house: the nebulizer.  Soaring on the wings of his success with the vacuum cleaner, Charlie has taken down the nebulizer. (We had it out because Elisabeth was feeling a little tight in the chest and complaining: “My nose isn’t working.”)   He uses his nebulizer for a variety of helpful purposes including:

“Would you like me to turn it on and smell your breath?” and “How about I warm up the house for you”. If you need your breath smelled or your house warmed (and vacuumed), you know who to call.


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