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When I’m Angry with My Child

January 1, 2011

8. When I’m Angry with My Child


I am your child,

And, right now, I’m impatient

With the child you have given me.

I confess that I want control,

And I get angry when my life

Seems out of my control.

You have trusted me

To discipline this child and

Raise him up in the way that he should go,

But I become angry

When he doesn’t conform to my will.

Teach me how to look to your promises

In the moment of temptation

So that I won’t respond to my child in anger.

I have forgotten that it is your kindness

That leads us to repentance;

Help me to speak always kindly,

Even as I teach him to obey.

You taught us to forgive those who sin against us

As we ourselves have been forgiven.

Help me to show to my child

The generous measure of grace

That you have shown to me.

Keep me mindful that

You don’t judge me as a parent

Based upon my child’s behavior;

You know my heart and my desire

To faithfully love and discipline my children,

And Christ’s righteousness covers me

When I fail.


Romans 2:4

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