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Teach Them to Pray

January 1, 2011

3. Teach Them to Pray
Heavenly Father,

Teach my children to pray.

Let them approach your throne boldly in the righteousness of Christ.

Let them come to you with large requests, mindful that you are the Lord of all that lives.

Let them not merely praise you with their mouths, but with their whole hearts.

Let prayer be their first resort, not their last.

Let them seek mercy for their sin.

May they cry unto you in their troubles.

May they give thanks at all times.

May they see prayer not only as a means of asking and receiving, but as a means to know you.

May they not see prayer as preparation for your work; may they instead recognize that it is your work.

Let them not come to you like Pharisees, supposing that they will be heard because of their many words.

Let them not come to you trusting in their deeds, but in the undeserved favor that is theirs in Christ Jesus.

Help them to believe that you are a loving Father who gives only good gifts. If they ask for a fish, you will not give them a serpent.

The prayers of the righteous are powerful and effective. Keep my children ever mindful of your power and ever expectant of your intervention.

For you are a kind and gracious God, and you love to answer prayers.


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