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Prayer for a Child in the Womb

January 1, 2011

1. Prayer for a Child in the Womb

Sovereign Lord,

Long before we were born, you planned to give us this child.

Thank you that it was your decision, not ours.

Even now you are knitting it together in the womb,

And all of its days are already written in your book.

Teach us to love our child with your love,

To provide not only for the needs of its body and mind,

But to nurture its heart in your ways.

Make this child your own at an early age, O Father,

And as it grows, let it continue to have the faith of a child,

Even as it acquires the wisdom of years.

Protect this family and make us an instrument of your grace in the life of this little one.

Help us never to think of this child as ours, so much as it is yours,

And may it grow up to be an oak of righteousness for the display of your splendor.

Amen.Psalm 139; Isaiah 61:3


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