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In the Midst of Adversity

January 1, 2011

12. In the Midst of Adversity

Sovereign Lord,

You do not allow your children to be afflicted

Unless you design it for their good and your glory.

Don’t let my children walk through this trial in vain.

Use it to strengthen their characters,

To remind them that this world is not their home,

To give them compassion for those who suffer.

Teach them that your steadfast love never ceases,

That your mercies are new every morning,

And that your faithfulness is great.

May they learn to worship you in the wilderness.

Wipe the tears from their eyes, and give them abiding joy in the midst of sorrow.

Prevent them from looking to anyone but you for their deliverance.

Where they have sinned, lead them to repentance,

And where they have been sinned against, protect them against bitterness.

You are a good Father, and you know that it hurts to watch my children suffer.

I pray that this trial would not last one moment longer than is necessary for you to accomplish your good

purpose in their lives.


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