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For a Wayward Child

January 1, 2011

14. For a Wayward Child

Gracious Father,

Bring my child to repentance.

I fear that he, like the children of Job, may have sinned and cursed God in his heart.

You have given him so much, and like the Prodigal, he has squandered much.

Bring him to his senses.

Give him a desire to be once again in your house.

Prevent me from ever being a stumbling block to his salvation,

And may his rebellion never be a hindrance to my trust in you.

Even as I intercede for him, keep my heart set on you.

May I live to see the day when I can say that my son was dead, but is alive again,

That he was lost but now is found.

May my tears of sorrow become tears of joy

And my mourning turn to dancing.

For you are a God who loves to show mercy,

Who rejoices when sinners repent,

Who leaves the ninety-nine sheep to go after the one that is lost.

For the sake of your son who died and lives to redeem the lost,

Bring my child home.


Job 1:5; Luke 15:17; Psalm 30

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